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Acronym Phrase
ARCS attention, relevance, confidence & satisfaction
ASTD American Society for Training and Development
BEM behavioral engineering model
CBI computer based instruction
CBT Computer based training
CQI continuous quality improvement
EE environmental engineering
EEO equal employment opportunity
EPSS electronic performance support system
ERP enterprise resource planning
FEA front end analysis
HRD human resources development
HRM human resource management
ID instructional design
IDL interactive distance learning
IS information systems
ISD instructional systems design
ISPI International Society for Performance Improvement
IT Instructional technology
JIT just in time
MBTI Myers-Briggs Type Indicator
OEM organizational elements model
OD organizational development
OJT on the job training
PIP performance improvement potential
PSS performance support system
PT performance technology
RFP request for proposal
ROI return on investment
SALT Society for Applied Learning Technologies
SCORM sharable content object reference model
SHRM Society for Human Resources Management
TNA training needs assessment
TQM total quality management