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IPT-560 Tool Kit

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Chapter 1 - HPT and Historical Context

Chapter 2 - HPT, ID and other Organizational Improvement approaches

Chapter 3 - Non-instructional interventions

Chapter 4 - Instructional interventions

Chapter 5 - HPT today

Chapter 6 - HPT tomorrow

ADDIE - umbrella 

Project Management


Books & Websites

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This toolkit was compiled as an educational project.  Its intent is to serve as a reference throughout my graduate studies.  All material where applicable has been cited.  Permission for copyrighted material has been granted or is being used through fair use for educational purposes.

Since this toolkit is designed specifically to aid in my graduation education and to help prepare me for an oral comprehensive exam, It has abeen built with those goals in mind and in accordance with my learning style and preferences.  Although it contains all required aspects from the syllabus, it may depart from certain more common practices.  These departures are by design and not through ignorance, error or omission.  Listed below are some examples of departures or redundancies. The sections are illustrative and not exhaustive


Complete references are listed in their applicable section and not at the end in a separate reference section.  This duplicates some references but it provides for quicker means to refer to the source when needed.


All chapters are in outline form using key works or phrases and not complete sentences.  This acts as hooks for recall.


Acronyms are not initially defined in there sections before using the acronym. There is a separate acronym section for lookup if necessary.  This helps me to  remember the acronym for recall.


There is a separate section call ADDIE where previously discussed models and methods are recapped within this umbrella term.  This does cause duplication of material but it assists me in functional grouping.


Complete APA format - i.e. hanging ident, has been departed from.


There is no table of contents, figures or tables, glossary or index.  I have instead chosen to use the "search for" functionality that this electronic media affords.

This toolkit is to be used primarily in conjunction with the following sources:

  1. Handbook of Human Performance Technology 2 ed., H. D. Stolovich & E. J. Keeps (Eds.).  1999 by Josey-Bass/Pfeiffer.

  2. Fundamentals of Performance Technology by D. M. Van Tiem, J. L. Moseley & J. C. Dessinger.  2000 by International Society for Performance Improvement.

  3. Schwiebert, P., (2004).  IPT-560 Human Performance Technology. Lectures and PowerPoint presentations